The JPMorganChase Institute prides itself on providing valuable insights to policymakers, businesses, and nonprofit leaders. But these insights cannot come at the expense of consumer privacy or client confidentiality. To that end, the Institute has adopted rigorous security protocols and checks and balances to ensure all customer data are kept confidential and secure. These protocols are informed by statistical standards employed by government agencies and our work with technology, data privacy and security experts who are helping us maintain industry-leading standards.

There are several key steps the Institute takes to further its commitment to privacy and confidentiality:

  • The Institute's policies and procedures require that data it receives and processes for research purposes do not identify specific individuals.
  • The Institute requires its researchers to undergo rigorous background checks and enter into strict confidentiality agreements before gaining access to customer data. Researchers are contractually obligated to use the data solely for approved research, and to not attempt to re-identify any individual or client represented in the data.
  • The Institute mandates that any publication based on the Institute’s data only reflect aggregate information or information that is otherwise not reasonably attributable to a unique, identifiable consumer or business.
  • The data on which the Institute and its researchers rely are stored on a secure server and only can be accessed under strict security procedures that are designed to prevent the export of data outside of JPMorganChase’s systems. The Institute’s data infrastructure complies with JPMorganChase Information Technology Risk Management requirements for the monitoring and security of data.

(Last Reviewed May 7, 2024)